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Benefits of Hashmi Spermia Male Fertility Supplement

  • Increases sperm Fertility
  • Makes sperm healthy and stronger
  • Balances male hormones
  • Improves semen quality and quantity
  • Beneficial in abnormality of the sperms
  • Increases chances of conception
  • High in calcium & magnesium, relaxes the Nervous system
  • Promotes Fertility

Benefits Of Hashmi Spermia Male Fertility Capsule

Hashmi Spermia Male Fertility Capsule is also known as a capsule for Spermatogenesis. Hashmi Spermia Male Fertility Supplement to increase the sperm count capsule targets the weakness of male hormones and sperms. Hashmi’s Spermia Capsules are natural and herbal capsules to cure male sexual disorders.

Hence issues like premature ejaculation, low libido, low strength, and similar problems are cured by consuming the Male Fertility Supplement. The capsules also help to boost the quality of male sperms and aid conception.

Therefore, couples who aren’t ready to conceive for a longer time should use Spermia Capsules to cure the problem naturally without the fear of any side effects. Spermia Capsules Male Fertility Supplement is also healthy to boost the quality of sperm.

Male Fertility Capsule helps one to feel energized and rejuvenated to enjoy satisfactory sexual activity. The product is also healthy for males to boost and experience stronger and harder erections. Hence couples facing problems and aren’t able to enjoy their sexual activity should try Spermia Capsules Male Fertility Supplement.

Hashmi Spermia Capsule is a Male Fertility Supplement targeting male sexual debilities. It works as a natural supplement that revitalizes and re-energizes the coitus process in humans. Hashmi Spermia capsule is a Male Fertility Supplement to increase sperm count. This essentially may be a medicine that increases sperm count and improves its quality. Spermatogenesis could be a commonly found disease in men caused by an unregulated lifestyle, unhealthy food habits, and exposure to pollution.

Another advantage of Male Fertility Capsule

The regular intake of Male Fertility capsules is extended sex sessions due to its anti tiring formulation. Sperm motility is also enhanced by the intake of this herbal product. Hashmi Spermia Male Fertility Supplement marketed by Pure Passion is the perfect medicine for sperm deficiency and quality. Regular administration features a positive impact on your lovemaking by increasing your vitality.

It works as a Male Fertility Capsule that increases sperm motility, increases the quantity of semen and healthy sperm, and makes them stronger to be ready for a fertile woman`s egg.

Hashmi Spermia Male Fertility Capsules is for those people who are affected by an abnormality of sperms. whose sperm motility is decreased. it’s used for boosting testosterone. This is for those who feel weak in muscles. Spermia Capsules Male Fertility Supplement will be used by males who are suffering from any type of sexual disorder.

It will be used by males experiencing ejaculation, low sperm count, low quality of sperm, low libido, no strength and stamina, and similar problems. Spermia Male Fertility Capsules also helps to boost the penile length and girth for complete satisfaction from sexual activity. Couples who aren’t ready to conceive for years can also consume Spermia Capsules to get rid of the problem.

The capsules are high in calcium and magnesium hence they’re healthy for sexual disorders. along with increasing the possibilities of conception the capsules also help to boost the quality of sperms. Spermia Male Fertility Supplement helps to increase stamina and libido for fuller and harder erections.

Causes of abnormality in sperms

  • Illness
  • Smoking
  • Poor nutrition
  • Exposure to toxins
  • Untreated diabetes
  • certain medications
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Recreational drug use
  • Undescended testicles
  • Excessive alcohol intake


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Two capsules a day one after breakfast in the morning and the other one in the night after dinner or as directed by your physician.

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Spermia Capsule (20 Capsule)


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