• Hamdard Labub Kabir

    Labub Kabir (125g) is composed of the following active ingredients

    Increases rigidity, sexual vigour, the density of semen & sperm count

    • Aurum/ Warq Tila
    • Ambra grasea/ Ambar Ashab
    • Argentum/ Warq Nuqra
    • Myristica fragrans/ Nutmeg or Jauzbua
    • Parmelia perlata/ Ushna
    • Myristica fragrans/ Mace or Bisbasa
    • Piper longum/ Filfil Daraz
     999.00 1,199.00

    Hamdard Labub Kabir

     999.00 1,199.00
  • Hamdard Majun Arad

    Hamdard Majun Arad Khurma (1kg)

    Restores energy & improves vitality,physical strength & stamina in men.

     1,999.00 2,199.00

    Hamdard Majun Arad

     1,999.00 2,199.00
  • Hamdard Rogan Beer

    Ingredients of Hamdard Roghan Beer Bahuti

    • Beer Bahooti
    • Roghan Kunjad
     699.00 799.00

    Hamdard Rogan Beer

     699.00 799.00
  • Hamdard Rogan Surkh

    Hamdard Rogan Surkh (50ml)

    Herbal medication which is useful in headache, joint pains, injuries and sprains.

    Ingredients of Hamdard Roghan Surkh

    • Ushna: Used for stiffness and stress.
    • Burada Sandal Surkh/ white sandal wood: Used as astringent and disinfectant.
    • Habb-ul-Ghurab: Used for pain.
     699.00 799.00

    Hamdard Rogan Surkh

     699.00 799.00
  • Hamdard Rogan Zarareeh

    Hamdard Roghan Zarareeh helps in Regrowth of Long, Thick & Silky Hair.

    Hamdard Rogan Zarareeh (10ml)

    Indications of Hamdard Roghan Zarareeh

    • It strengthens the hair follicles thus help in prevention of hair fall.
    • It strengthens hair Roots and prevent alopecia/hair loss, useful in Dandruff, or other issues related to hair thinning
    • It keeps the brain refreshed.
    • It is also helpful for maintaining Hair color and improves luster of hair.
     699.00 799.00

    Hamdard Rogan Zarareeh

     699.00 799.00


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