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Benefits of White Discharge Treatment

  • Best natural treatment for Leucorrhoea or white discharge treatment
  • Treats urinary tract infection
  • Cures Vaginal dryness and irritation
  • Stimulates the hormones to balance the body function
  • Improve the efficiency and immune power
  • Make the vagina healthy again in a natural manner
  • The best treatment for light yellow and white discharge
  • Removes bad odour of Vagina
  • 100% herbal & No side effect

Lady Care Capsule: The White Discharge Treatment That Cares For You

Woman, a beautiful creation of God. But God has also given her a much more complex body than man. Sometimes, it becomes a complete headache for her to deal with embarrassing issues. One such issue is the white discharge problem. Though, it is an event that most women face in their lifetime. The problem starts when it gives much more pain and itching than normal. Then, the requirement for effective medicine arises. Here we come in with our unmatched White Discharge Treatment. Lady Care capsule is a breakthrough herbal formulation to cure leucorrhoea or white discharge. The capsule works as a multi-directional strategy in the vagina to reestablish the health of the organ in all respects. The capsule not only works in the female organ but also balances the hormonal activity. White Discharge Treatment contains all the essential ingredients necessary for the betterment of the vagina. Being a natural combination, the medicine works to heal the body and restore its original capacity.

Leucorrhoea or White Discharge Treatment

Though there are numerous options to treat the issue, women prefer home remedies for White Discharge TreatmentThe main reason behind this tendency is the fear of side effects and ignorance. The internet is filled with truths and lies simultaneously. This makes things really confusing. But with the right points and understanding, one can find the right treatment easily. Though White Discharge Treatment home remedies work to some extent, it is not a fully effective and exact solution. Besides, most of the women do not know the right way to deal with it.

To help you treat the issue easily in a soothing and safe manner, we have crafted this standout medicine. The capsule is the outcome of years of expertise, experience, deep research and knowledge of natural herbs.

Hashmi Lady care capsule has also been found to be effective in the White Discharge Treatment of abdominal cramps during the menstrual cycle and anaemia. It balances the hormone levels that change variably. The medicine stimulates the endometrial wall and improves uterine circulation. The capsule acts on the mucus membrane of the genital tract and improves the general health of a woman. Due to its herbal characteristics, it works in a natural manner for recovery and gives a permanent solution to the problem of Leucorrhoea.

The White Discharge Treatment is of various types out of some requires quick medical attention while others can be ignored for a while. So, the proper guidance and consultation is a must.

Lady care capsule is clinically proven for leucorrhoea treatment. It works to control white discharge treatment

  • Excessive vaginal discharge
  • Pain in back and pelvic part
  • Pain in the abdominal part
  • Itching/burning sensation over the affected area
  • Redness and hypersensitivity
  • Burning micturition and pain
  • Weakness and mental tension associated with Leucorrhoea

Lady Care: White Discharge Treatment Natural and Safe

The capsule, being a herbal medicine, does not put any side effects or after-effects on the user. It is tested on various parameters and has already been confirmed by millions of women around the world. The capsule works on every front and gives the safest and long-lasting positive impact on the body. It treats many types of White Discharge Treatment problems and heals the vagina by removing bad odours and infections.

If you are having any issue related to the White Discharge Treatment problem, be it itching or burning sensation, pain, bad odour or anything else, this capsule can give you the treatment in a natural way. Call or Email us for a free consultation or to order the medicine.

Ingredients :

Chhali-25mg, Konch-37.50mg, Mazzoo-37.50mg, Tukhi Tamar-12.50mg, Chuniya Gond-12.50mg, Kushta baizaimurgh-50mg, Kushta Qalai-45mg, Satawar-12.50mg, Gokhru-15mg

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Lady White Discharge Care Capsule

Lady Care Capsule (20 Capsule)


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