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The Main Benefits of this Acidity Capsule:-

  • Controls the excess secretion of gastric acids
  • Removes the stomach gas, ache and indigestion
  • Gives relief and soothing coolness to the stomach
  • Softens the tightness and stops belching
  • Relieves pain and acid burning
  • Improves and strengthens the digestion function
  • Helps the body to accept all food groups
  • Balances the digestion and secretion function
  • 100% Natural and safe herbal combination
  • No side effects

Acidity Capsule: It’s Time to Cure Acidity Permanently

This herbal acidity treatment becomes a very helpful and long-term effective option for those who are suffering from any kind of acidity problem. Acidity, a very common issue in every household, is also a very problematic issue nowadays. Every other person suffers from a digestion problem and it affects his/her daily life badly. Acidity is a collective term used for the symptoms that arise due to excess production of acid in the stomach. But as you are reading this, you have now found the most exact and effective acidity cure available in the market with natural and soothing characteristics.

Best Acidity capsule to Cure Acidity Problem Permanently :

It all starts with a small irregularity of digestion on an odd day when you took the oily and very spicy food, or the day when you put much more in your belly than needed. You ignore the consequences of that and go on. But as you repeat this again and again, you start noticing a change in your daily eating habits. Days coming after, when you sit to eat, you feel that you want to eat but the feeling of burning or pain in the stomach stops you. The occasional issue slowly and silently becomes an everyday problem. First, you ignore it, then you want to get rid of it.

Our stomach is a very powerful yet very delicate body part. It can digest the hardest of the things like oily, fatty and spicy stuff but when it comes to bad behaviour, it refuses to accept a cup of tea. So, for your own good, always take care of your stomach and its functionality. So, whenever you found a few obstacles, help your stomach by taking acidity treatment at home using home remedies. The small start can be prevented easily with no loss.

Time to take stomach acidity capsule – When it affects your daily lifestyle.

But what to do if you fail in recognizing the bad things going on in your body? What if the acidity issue is affecting your daily diet and lifestyle?

Then, it is time to take a suitable and powerful treatment to eradicate this issue. You would not like the idea to compromise on a daily basis regarding your food and work. If even after trying all the home remedies for acidity and gas problems, you are unable to curb the issue then this herbal medicine is made just for you.

Acikill is the best medicine for acidity in the stomach. The secret of the medicine is in its herbs. The natural, rare and very powerful herbs are handpicked by our specialists. We prefer making the medicines on an individual basis rather than going for bulk production. The medicine is specially designed taking into account all the acidity symptoms and causes.

Acikill is the answer to how to cure acidity permanently.

Acidity Symptoms – Why it happens?

Acidity is a result of some very common and tiny reasons, which we do so many times in our daily life. Normally, it does not give any bad impact, but when the stomach upsets, acidity starts.

To digest the food, gastric glands in the stomach releases an acid called hydrochloric acid. This acid breaks down the food into particles and helps in the proper digestion. To counter the corrosive effects of this acid, natural bicarbonate and prostaglandins are produced in the mucous lining. When these natural elements are not produced in the required quantity, the gastric acid produces negative results.

The second reason is the slow working of the digestion function. Frequent eating results in the continuous working of the digestion process in which acid releases in a higher amount. The problems start when due to overeating or the consumption of spicy, fatty or oily food, the gastric glands release more acid for digestion. The excess amount raises the issues like burning, ache, and gas. Similar other irregularities that arise in the normal course of life, give rise to acidity issues.

The main Acidity symptoms that the patient can face are –

  • Burning feel in the stomach
  • Belching
  • Restlessness and pain in abdomen
  • Burning in the chest and throat
  • Sour taste
  • Nausea
  • Indigestion
  • Constipation

The problem of acidity can cause detachment from food for a while. If you want to get rid of the issue, you will have to follow a disciplined and committed lifestyle till you use the course to cure it permanently. We will help you in this matter with our best ever natural solution –

Acikill Capsule – to save you from Acidity Problem

There are many acidity medicine names prevailing in the market but this medicine is different in its effects and benefits. The medicine is a natural combination of rare and precious herbs. It is made after proper and deep research into the causes and action-reaction of stomach functionality. The capsule is the gift to acidity patients from the pharmacy, who has a rich history for the treatment of most complex issues with easy and safe natural treatments.

The capsule works in the stomach to reduce the tension and curbs the excess amount of acid. Besides controlling the secretion of acid, it speeds up the digestion function and promotes the secretion of antacids. It helps in removing the acid and gas in a natural way. The soothing herbs of the medicine bring coolness and stability to the stomach and relieve the user from belching and sour taste.

As you see, instead of suppressing the symptoms, the medicine accelerates the body function for a quick and speedy recovery. It stands out, unlike any other treatment. The consumption of proper course gives you strength and freedom to eat anything as it strengthens and balances your digestion process and stomach functionality permanently.


Lehsun-50mg, Heeng-50mg, Ajwain-50mg, Moolethi-50mg,Saunth-50mg, Kalli mirch-25mg, Baking power-175mg, Zeera-25mg, Podina-25mg

Quantity and Course Duration:-

As per the severity of the situation and the patient`s body capacity, the full course ranges from 1-3 months but the benefits can be achieved before that if the user follows the precautions and guidelines provided by our specialists for leading the life and consuming the medicine.

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AciKill Acidity Capsule

AciKill Capsule (20 Capsule)


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