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Black seed oil Capsule

Kalonji 100 Ml seeds are the most revered medicine that is used by ancient sages for thousands of years and cures almost everything. These seeds are also known as blessed seeds that help you to remain naturally fit and keeps your immune system very strong to help fight diseases.

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What is Cipzer Kalonji oil capsule: Black seed oil capsule

Its traces are found in Bible and Ayurveda too so it’s not less than a panacea. The Cipzer Kalonji Capsules are pure Kalonji oil capsules that are enriched with fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and essential nutrients. These capsules help in the healthy functioning of the immune, digestive, circulatory, respiratory and hormonal systems. These capsules promote overall health, makes your body strong and cures every disease It reduce the chances of diseases and effectively treats a wide range of diseases like digestive problems, skin problems, asthma and also infertility. Consuming these tablets will help you remain strong, fit and disease-free.

Benefits of Cipzer Kalonji oil Capsules

Diabetes: Cipzer Kalonji Capsules are very efficient to prevent Diabetes as well as maintain it. Kalonji Capsules, restrict the absorption of glucose in the intestine and prevent damage to beta cells thus helps to prevent type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

Maintain Cholesterol levels: It increases (good cholesterol) HDL and lowers down (bad cholesterol) LDL and total cholesterol. Kalonji is highly efficient in maintaining good levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.

Boosts Immunity: It is an immunity booster and prevents any common infections. It helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduces nasal congestion, itching, runny nose, cough, sneezing or any viral infection.

Lowers down Blood Pressure: Kalonji helps to lower down blood pressure as Thymoquinone and thymol mainly contribute to lower it down. Improvements can be seen in systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings.

Arthritis or Joint Pain: Kalonji oil capsules are very good to treat Arthritis. Regular intake of black seed oil capsules reduces arthritis symptoms and inflammation in the body.

Lowers down Lipid Levels: Kalonji oil Capsules are full of antioxidants, thymoquinone, polyunsaturated fats, fibre and phytosterols all of which helps in lowering down lipid levels in the body.

Memory Booster: It is very effective for concentration and memory. Regular intake of Kalonji sharpens the memory and retain things for a longer duration.

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